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Here is a haiku I wrote about my feelings on Matthew being gone:

I am quite deaded
So very, very deaded
You should come back home

Thank you. I know I'm a literary genius. 

Anywhoooooodle. He got out of reception yesterday and is now actually dying in the Georgia heat while being yelled at by drill sergeants to work even harder. I think he's most likely gone through the gas chamber by now. That's where they give you a gas mask and take you into a chamber of what I THINK is pepper spray gas (something painful but not toxic) and they make you take off the gas mask and keep your gear together and stuff. He was super excited for that part because for some reason he likes pain and not being able to breathe. I don't know. He's a weirdy weirdy weirdo. But yeah so I think that was today. He called his mom yesterday to give us the address and let us know he was about to actually start basic. He's already written and sent letters and he spent five minutes lecturing her on making sure to let me know that he loves me.... so you know that made me happy and stuffs when she called and told me what he said. 

I'm not really sure on the point of all this. Kind of just an update if anyone cares even though most people on here don't.

I guess the only other update I can give is that Tuesday will be 19 months of this boy nomming on my heart. But I can for sure guess that no one cares about that xD 

So yeah I guess this be it xD just a minor update for all of you people who follow him. He's out of reception and into the grueling physical pain of basic. Wish him luck, guys <3
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YAY GUNZ!!!!! i make request weapons (see journal)

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I'm done with my final and I'm bored so I went on coolmathgames and I saw Pour the Fish and now all I can think of is how you say "pour the fish!" after you win each level. Cause it's fucking cute. Fuck. I'm giggling in class. Its your fault. I blame you.

Also you're asleep still and I'm bored.

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